ICPS, Specialist in vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is a fast manufacturing technology

Vacuum casting (or duplication) consists of making parts in polyurethane resin. These are very similar to the injected parts and are made in silicone molds from a 3D printed model. The speed of implementation and the mechanical behavior similar to the injected parts make it an inexpensive method of producing prototypes and pre-series for validation tests in real conditions.

ICPS is based on an already existing model or one created in stereolithography.
ICPS forms a silicone mold around the part which will be removed when the mold has hardened.
The resin poured inside the mold, cooked. The finished part can thus be taken out of the mold.

Coulée sous vide

For which projects ?

  • For small parts and prototypes with mechanical constraints
  • For pre-produced parts and realistic parts

Advantage of vacuum casting with ICPS

  • Manufacturing of one or multiple parts in the same mold while using different resins
  • Capacity of 20 to 25 pieces par mold
  • High level of detail and resistance
  • Save time, because more effort is spent on secondary treatment for each and every part in order to obtain the desired definition
  • Variety of resins depending on their use: electronics, cutting-edge industry, food industry, etc…
  • Personalized parts: coloration within the mass, transparence, choice of rigidity (Shore): hard, soft, elastic
  • Level of finish

Practical Information

Means of production
5/01 ULC Reinishaw Machine – max. dimensions vacuum casting = 400x400x400

Elastomer: from 20 to 95 Shore A.
Rigid: near ABS, PA, PP, PC, PEHD crystal, PS, PA, PMMA, UV and fire resistant resins.

Complete deburring of parts and verification of assembly. Finishing paint.

4 to 6 days open for tooling. Then 2 to 10 parts worked per day, depending on the part.

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