Mechanical Design at ICPS

ICPS is expert in mechanical design

Your model is ready?
Trust us with your 3D files and order a print. ICPS is an expert in mechanical design/engineering.
At ICPS, we are experts in the creation process: from technical specifications to the manufacturing of a proof of concept.
We establish, from the design phase, how our clients’ products will be produced.

  • Specialised feedback to technical specifications for our clients in the mechanics and plastics industries, especially regarding the design.
  • Engineering consultancy equipped with the most widespread software for modeling which is Solidworks®.
  • Anticipation of difficulties in production by adjusting the design: We manage the entire process of developing the product, including the making of prototypes and pre-production parts.
  • A low-cost solution for our clients: ICPS is able to manufacture easy-to-assemble products.
  • Always on the lookout for new technologies. We are experts in numerous materials: standard and technical plastics, metals, etc.


  • Making of small parts with fast prototyping.
  • Production process and costs reduced.
  • Manufacturing of small parts in thousands.
  • Starting with your digital files or a 3D model of your files or a scan of your object.
  • Acceleration of your product’s market-launch.
  • Allows for quick return to design in order to improve the product.

Will you trust us with the mechanical design of your project?